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Online Training

Welcome to the home of our online training! Here you’ll find information about upcoming remote training opportunities and details about what’s involved. Book ## Analysing big data with Microsoft ML Server Get to grips with using Microsoft ML Server to make your R code run over large datasets and getting your R code into production quickly. - Dates: October 31st and November 1st - Instructor: Dave Parr - Price: £600 £100 (Beta price) - More Info: [Analysing big data with Microsoft ML Server](.

Custom training

You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business. Data science is a team sport and needs many people in your organisation to have the required skills. Investing in training your existing staff helps ensure you can get the necessary skill sets whilst being able to build better data products as your people know your organisation and its data. If one of our bundles doesn’t fit the bill for what you need, we can develop a custom training solution based on our existing training and extend it into specific areas you need covered, or use your organisation’s data to ensure people get practice working with their data.

Recommended training bundles

We offer training focussed around core data science competencies that’s designed to grow skills in one area rapidly, or build out a broader skillset across all areas. Additionally, we offer some non-technical training designed to help an organisation adopt data science effectively. If these bundles don’t quite hit the spot, check out our custom training page to find out about building a training bundle that suits your needs. Generalist bundles Data science generalist Get two to four days of training that give people skills in data wrangling, modelling, communication, and programming in R or Python.