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Welcome to the home of our online training! Here you’ll find information about upcoming remote training opportunities and details about what’s involved.

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Analysing big data with Microsoft ML Server

Get to grips with using Microsoft ML Server to make your R code run over large datasets and getting your R code into production quickly.

Bots & Cognitive Services

Expand your organisation’s horizons with AI - learn the code you need to implement adaptive bots and add capabilities like custom image detection that were previously out of reach without a big team of data scientists

Cosmos DB Fundamentals

Learn Cosmos DB and get hands-on experience working with the SQL API, JavaScript and .NET Core SDK.


Our training uses an online lab environment where possible and blends lecture and practical exercises to help you understand and retain important information.

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Our online training events allow you to get training from the comfort of your own armchair or office chair. As well as the training, we get additional benefits to help you continue your learning:


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