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Here are the services we offer to help you start doing data science in your organisation.

Data Science readiness reviews

Is your organisation ready for data science? Get a readiness review to check.

Technical leadership

We can be a guiding hand and mentor through your first data science projects.

Peer review

We can do a peer review of your analytical model or a full independent audit.

Training bundles

Select one of our recommended training bundles to get training in core skills for your organisation.

Custom training

Get a tailored training package that meets your organisation’s specific requirements and plans.

Public workshops

Only have a few staff who need training? Check out our easy to book online workshops.

Remote guru

We can be there to answer your questions and help you solve challenges with our remote guru facility.


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Stay up to date by reading our technical blog.


Learn from our slides and videos.


Join us at some upcoming events.

Open source projects

Check out Steph’s and our open repositories.

R packages

Use R packages that we’ve built.


View our experiments learning new topics and tech.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Buy some of our books for self-paced learning.


Book into our office hours or get a longer mentoring session.


Take advantage of our support for technical communities.

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