Are you ready for data science?

Heard about big companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft, doing cool things with data science and machine learning?

Read the story about the Japanese IT guy who helped his parent’s cucumber farm save 8 hours a day?

Data science and machine learning seem to be everywhere and that anyone can do it. Yet — according to PWC in Seizing The Information Advantage — 3 in 4 businesses aren’t even getting close to getting the most out of their data.

Are we ready for data science?
Are we ready for data science?

Locke Data is here to help people make better user of their data, and start their organisation’s journey to building up a data science capability. We’re here to help you get ready for data science.

We might be the right people to talk to if your organisation is facing these kinds of questions and challenges:

  • How do we align our use of data to company goals?
  • Are we ready for data science?
  • What can we do to simplify building a data science capability?
  • Can our Business Intelligence team do data science?
  • What should our first data science project be?
  • How do we improve the output of our data teams?
  • How do we measure the effectiveness of what we’re planning on doing?

We can help you

Steph Locke has been involved with helping organisations answer these questions for the past decade.

Steph’s worked in existing financial services companies, building predictive models for important aspects of the business; like working out who isn’t go to pay their mortgage, and delivering real-time pricing. Steph’s also helped startups build data products that sit at the heart of their offerings.

As well as practical experience, Steph’s been an active educator and leader within business intelligence and data science communities for the past five years. A Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Steph has a proven track record of helping other use their data better via her community work.

The common thread for Steph is that she believes building up internal skills, knowledge, and increasing collaboration between teams is vital for success with data.

Locke Data’s mission is to help organisations to develop their people, processes, and tools to answer their data science challenges.

  • Locke Data can train and mentor people to become adept at data science and/or consuming data products.
  • Locke Data can build processes around data science to get valuable data products into production sooner.
  • Locke Data can implement the right tools for your data scientists and integrating their work.
  • Locke Data can lead data science projects to build up skills within an organisation and deliver direct value.

Data Science Consultancy Services

Getting started with data science

Here at Locke Data, we have a number of data science consultancy services to help organisations on their journey to data science.

If data science is a strategic initiative you’re considering then we can help you assess whether your organisation has what it needs to succeed. Our Data Science Readiness Reviews can help you cut risk and set you up for success.

If you already have a Business Intelligence team or an existing analytical team, then upskilling them is a great way to start. We offer training tailored to take advantage of existing experience. R for BI People training is a great way of taking the first steps to data science, whilst having immediate practical benefits.

Once you’ve started, you probably want to know whether your first models are any good. Locke Data can offer independent peer reviews from experienced data scientists to assess models and help your people improve.

Along the journey

Everyone is different, and organisations can often need services bespoke to them to help solve their challenges. We’re able to help you deliver technical projects, address process problems, and ease growing pains with your evolving data science team. You can reach out to us, to see how we can help you.

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