About us

Locke Data helps organisations get started with data science.

We’re a new data science consultancy based in Cardiff in the United Kingdom. We were founded by Steph Locke early in 2017 and our focus is on helping organisations start doing data science successfully.

What we are

  • We are your advisers, your mentors, and your educators. We help you grow your skills.
  • We focus on succesfully starting the data science process. Specifically, we ensure the organisation, the data, and the people are ready to do data science.
  • We are consultants who leave you with the skills needed to carry on without us.

What we’re not

  • We’re not AI specialists, we’re not an outsource data science department, we’re not contractors.
  • We don’t work with organisations with well established data science teams.
  • We’re not people who think data science is easy and you can do it by simply hiring some PhDs or buying some software.

What we do

We help organisations start doing data science. We do this by providing consultancy that focusses on people, processes, and tools in that order!

We help you equip analytical folks, stakeholders, and other important players in making data science a success with the skills and knowledge they need. This could be through training, mentoring, reports, or something entirely different.

We will help you determine which processes are right for your organisation, and will help you implement those processes.

Finally, we can help you implement a new analytical technology, do your first data science project, or solve those pesky implementation problems you might be facing.

Organisations we work with

We’ll happily work across many industries - we have a lot of experience in financial and insurance sectors but we know data science, we know a bit about a lot, and most importantly we value your expertise and listen to you.

We’re a startup so we’re light on accreditations right now. If you need someone with a load of ISO numbers to their name, drop us a message anyway and we can put you in touch with the right consultants for you.

How we’ll work with you

First up is a chat to discuss your overall requirements; we work with you to identify what you need. This could be a readiness review, some training, or just a quick pointer to a useful book.

After we’re on the same page about what you need, we’ll provide you with a proposal for things we can do for you. You can get us to adjust the proposal and/or accept the proposal and we’ll get on with all that contract signing business.

Once contracts are signed, we’ll start working with you to help you deliver your data science programme.

Oh and did we mention we can do a lot of this entirely digitally and remotely?

It’s easy to book in remote calls, you can sign contracts digitally, and even have us working with you entirely remotely. This cuts down on cost and decreases turn around time for the work for you. We spend less time travelling and more time delivering – a fact we love!

Of course, we’ll come on-site when it’s beneficial too, but we hope remote services can and will work for you wherever you are in world.