This package is designed to take away some grunt work around setting up new projects.

All projects get setup with Git, GitHub and Travis by default.

  • Use create_package_project() to setup a project with code coverage, vignettes, unit testing etc. out of the box

  • Use create_analysis_project() to get a project ready for a typical analysis project. It includes renv to help with reproducibility.

  • Use create_training_project() to get a project ready for delivering training that often involves handouts and presentation materials. It includes renv to help with reproducibility.

All functions implement name validation based on the guidance in “Writing R Extensions”, “
should contain only (ASCII) letters, numbers and dot, have at least two characters and start with a letter and not end in a dot”.

Setup for starters

start_here() function



This function checks different aspects of your setup (git installation, gitconfig, GITHUB_PAT, DESCRIPTION default values, GitHub username guessing), that will help automatic steps later on. Most of these aspects are inspired from usethis setup article. For each aspect, if your setup needs improvements an informative error message will be thrown so you might be able to know how to proceed.

RStudio gadget

If you want to set up a project without using the R functions, @jonmcalder made a nifty RStudio addin. Install the package to get it added to your RStudio instance.


General info

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Up for grabs

Make sure to check out the Issues tab in GitHub! We’re making this project a great place to start contributing to R packages. We will help you through the process.