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Are you or your staff learning data science on the job and need someone to answer architectural or technical questions? Do you need someone you can bounce ideas off, or someone who can tell you what’s worked in the past in similar projects?

We can help by being your remote guru! Get a lead data scientist for your organisation without having to go through the hiring process.

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How much access should we have to your systems?

How often will you need us?

What time zones do you need us to work on?

We like our beauty sleep! When do you need us to be available?

What turnaround time do you need?


Use the sliders below based on your requirements and get a quote for your tailored Remote Guru service.





Based on your requirements, here’s what having us available hours a month to be your remote guru would cost:

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How prices are calculated

Here’s a break down of how prices are calculated.

Setup costs

Depending on how much access you need us to have, we’ll need to spend some time doing initial setup work with you.

Level Cost
No access £0
Exports £250
Remote access £500


Here are base monthly prices.

Level Hours included Cost Extra hours
Just the once 0 £0 £250
Occasional use 2 £400 £200
Often 5 £875 £175
A lot 10 £1,500 £150

Core hours

Being available outside of UK working hours plays havoc on the social life. As a result, we charge a bit more if you want us to be available late at night or very early.

Timezones Multiplier
UK hours is fine 1.0x
Other hours 1.4x


We’re a jetsetting bunch with clients all over the place so flexibility is great for us. The sooner you need us, the less flexible we can be overall so there’s a premium associated with how quickly you need us to turnaround answers or jump on calls with you.

Urgency Multiplier
It can wait 1.0x
Need it soon 1.2x
Need it now 1.4x

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