Contribution guidelines

Here at Locke Data, we do a lot of open source stuff. We have a comments section on the blog. We help people on the internet. We run events.

Where possible, we make all our content available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Our code is usually under an MIT licence. What this means is that you can use, and reuse our stuff for personal or open source purposes. You can use it to do a presentation to your colleagues. However, we ask that you credit us and you don’t make money off our stuff. If you would like to integrate our work into something commercial, give us a shout and we’ll we see what we can work out.

We do a lot of stuff in the community and make our stuff so open because we believe in the tech community.

We ask two things in return:

If we see you breaking the don’t be a dick rule or someone else tells us you’re being a dick, we will need to intervene.

If you’re normally nice and we see something we don’t like, we’ll probably just talk to you personally to make sure you’re doing OK in real life. We all have bad days! If you’re consistently rude or start off trolling, we might delete your stuff or ban you depending on how rude you’ve been.

All this is at our discretion. So don’t be a downer on our day!