Name unnamed chunks in a dir using the filenames with extension stripped as basis.

name_dir_chunks(dir, unname = FALSE)



Path to folder


Should all chunks be unnamed before naming? Default is `FALSE`. Turning this option on will cause all existing labels to be overwritten. In contrast, with its default `unname = FALSE` only unlabelled chunks will be named.


When using namer, please check the edits before pushing them to your code base. Such automatic chunk labelling is best paired with version control.


temp_dir <- tempdir() # just to make sure we're not overwriting if(fs::dir_exists(file.path(temp_dir, "examples"))){ fs::dir_delete(file.path(temp_dir, "examples")) } fs::dir_copy(system.file("examples", package = "namer"), temp_dir) # this is an example file that'd fail fs::file_delete(file.path(temp_dir, "examples", "example4.Rmd")) name_dir_chunks(temp_dir)
#> ── Naming all chunks ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
if(interactive()){ file.edit(file.path(temp_dir, "examples", "example1.Rmd")) }