Knowing your Rs from your elbow

Learn the fundamentals of R.


R, a fantastic open-source language, will rock your world.

Instead of showing you how to do dry old statistics and worrying about your random trees and bagging methods, this session is going to take you through the super-cool stuff. No TLAs allowed in this session, only cool terms like shiny & LaTeX!

We’re gonna get your data out of SQL Server in just a few lines, then we’re going to chart it for awesomeness, and then the fun begins.

We’ll go through the easy experience of using shiny to make interactive, real-time reports.

I’ll show you how you can add markdown & LaTeX to the mix to replace Excel, PowerPoint & Word so that you can save yourself months over your lifetime formatting bullet points and headers.

By the end of this session, you’ll truly know your Rs from your elbow.


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