These are usually evening events, run in your local area. Normally run in an evening during the week, with 2 speakers presenting on a topic in an informal setting.

The Cardiff user group can be found at


Q. What is a SQL Server User Group?
A. An informal get together of like-minded SQL Server users/enthusiasts. Each group is different, but most get a couple of speakers to present talks/training on different aspects of SQL Server.

Q. When are they?
A. Most groups hold meetings in the evening, after work. Some groups hold meetings every month, some every 8 weeks, some every 12. It’s up to each group.

Q. Where are they?

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Q. There’s no group near me!
A. Start one! Get in touch, and we’ll give you advice and support in how to set up a new user group.

Q. What else is available?
A. There’s lots of stuff going on around the country

  • SQL Relay: A series of regional one-day events in your area on a weekday. They’re run by the user group leaders across the country.
  • SQL Saturday: These are run all over the World, and as the name suggests, are held on a Saturday! They’re organised locally by enthusiastic volunteers, but are managed under the PASS umbrella (Professional Association of SQL Server).
  • SQL Bits: An awesome annual conference.

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