Getting started with data science

Here at Locke Data, we have a number of data science consultancy services to help organisations on their journey to data science.

If data science is a strategic initiative you’re considering then we can help you assess whether your organisation has what it needs to succeed. Our Data Science Readiness Reviews can help you cut risk and set you up for success.

If you already have a Business Intelligence team or an existing analytical team, then upskilling them is a great way to start. We offer training tailored to take advantage of existing experience. R for BI People training is a great way of taking the first steps to data science, whilst having immediate practical benefits.

Once you’ve started, you probably want to know whether your first models are any good. Locke Data can offer independent peer reviews from experienced data scientists to assess models and help your people improve.

Along the journey

Everyone is different, and organisations can often need services bespoke to them to help solve their challenges. We’re able to help you deliver technical projects, address process problems, and ease growing pains with your evolving data science team. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.


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