The answer in life to the inevitable question of “How can I do that in R?” should be “There’s a package for that”. So when I wanted to query (HIBP) to check whether a bunch of emails had been involved in data breaches and there wasn’t an R package for HIBP, it meant that the responsibility for making one landed on my shoulders. Now, you can see if your accounts are at risk with the R package for, HIBPwned.

Have I Been Pwned |
Have I Been Pwned |

Current status

The package is currently available on github @ stephlocke/HIBPwned, but I intend to submit to CRAN after getting some feedback from y’all.

if(!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")
# Get or upgrade from github

Basic usage

The very first thing you should do after installing is checking to see if your personal email address has been breached.

HIBPwned::account_breaches("[email protected]")

After that, check your significant other, your cat, and your family who you probably provide IT support for.

HIBPwned::account_breaches(c("[email protected]", "[email protected]"))

Give it a whirl!

Package development notes

  • HIBP is a fantastically written API and isn’t complicated so I’ve almost got the R package to be feature complete with respect to the API.
  • The package enjoys 100% test coverage as the simplicity of the API has enabled thorough testing
    Coverage Status
  • The package uses the latest iteration of the R travis-ci capabilities
HIBPwned, an R package for
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