Training opportunities in 2018 Q1

Coming up in the New Year, I’m doing the following training events:

  • Data Science Fundamentals in R - a two day remote course getting you up to speed with R, some basic data science, and getting R into production with SQL Server. Get hands-on from the comfort of your own office chair / home sofa. Use this discount code for 50% off: DataScience50 . More info
  • Tech Outbound Data Science Track - join a Caribbean cruise with a difference. Learn from experts all about data science, databases, and more. Bring your significant other, have a great time, and learn amazing stuff. Use this discount code for $100 off: BFFSL . More info
  • SQL Bits: Advanced R Programming - stretch your R skills by learning how to work with databases directly, integrgate other languages, use Spark, and more. USe this discount code for 5% off: SQL-45EE11 .More info
  • Public Workshops TBD - we’re over in the states so I’d like to run some training. If you’d like the opportunity to get some training, fill out this form to help me settle on location and topic.

Data Science Fundamentals in R

Steph Locke
After a successful delivery in October, I’m back rocking the virtual room via Brent Ozar on January 8th and 9th. I’ll be teaching folks how to use R to get data, slice and dice it like a pro, visualise it, build awesome predictive models, and finally, get those into a production.

  • Basics of R – Understand how R fits into the data science world, get comfortable with the coding environment, and practice using R.
  • Data Manipulation in R – Get hands-on with reading data in from different sources and writing awesome code that helps you analyse data FAST.
  • Data Visualization in R – Practice building static and interactive graphics to help you analyse data and present findings.
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals – Code your way through the data science process, from data preparation to sampling to building models to evaluating them. Understand the most common types of models, what they’re used for, and how to code them in R.
  • Combining R and SQL Server – Embed models into SQL Server and learn how to use these models for batch and real-time predictions. Understand how you can work with R in SQL Server and what architectural and operational considerations you should think about.

These are two days where you can learn in a hands-on practical fashion without needing to travel. This makes it great if you work remote, live in a rural area, or have a home you just can’t be away from overnight.

Get a 50% discount using code: DataScience50

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Tech Outbound

Steph Locke - Tech Outbound
Have you been on training where you’re still getting plagued by emails and distractions? Tech Outbound solves these issues by literally taking you away from it all.

Tech Outbound is an intensive traning week that happens on a cruise. Away from land you learn from awesome folks and then venture into the Caribbean islands with them for some R&R and free consulting time. It’s hands down one of the best ways to network deeply with folks you’ll see getting up on stage and presenting on a regular basis.

Your work boss is happy because the cost of the training and the cruise still works out cheaper than staying in a hotel in a big city for the same duration, and your home boss is happy because you can bring them on a cruise. What’s not to love?

From February 10th to the 17th, we’ll be cruising the Caribbean and learning a ton of stuff. You can pick up skills around working with containers, looking after databases, and developing your career. You’ll get almost a day of training from me on the following topics:

  • Using R to solve ETL Pain Points
  • Data Science Fundamentals – A Hands On No-Maths Approach
  • The Non-Coding Side of Doing Data Science

Get a $100 discount using code: BFFSL

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Advanced R Programming

Happening on the 22nd February in London, this day of training focuses on advancing inntermediate R skills. I introduce a range of packages and techniques throughout the day that help people solve higher scale challenges.

I have more content than I can possibly fit in a day so at the start of the day I poll for what you need most, cover the highest voted stuff during the day, and you get to cover the rest at your leisure in your own time because you’ll have my materials FOREVER.

This hands-on, practical day is not for R beginners. You need to be at least an occasional R user to get value from the day and avoid slowing others down. Alternatively, you can attend the introductory R day that happens the day before if you’re up for two days of challenge.

This training day is part of SQLBits, an awesome conference covering DataOps, Data Science, and Database Administration. All the training and talks happen from the 21st to 24th of February in London.

Get a 5% discount using code: SQL-45EE11

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