Working with R

  • October 5, 2017
  • steph
  • R

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front recently. That’s because I overhauled my site, migrating it to Hugo (the foundation of blogdown). Just doing one extra thing on top of my usual workload, I also did another thing. I wrote a book too!

I’m a big book fan, and I’m especially a Kindle Unlimited fan (all the books you can read for £8 per month, heck yeah!) so I wanted to make books that I could publish and see on Kindle Unlimited.

Starting with a series of books teaching the R fundamentals, I tentatively plan on releasing a new book every two months until I run out of topics.

Each book will be 3-7 hours of reading and exercises since I also believe in the value of practical activities.

The first book Working with R covers R basics like packages, functions, and basic data manipulation.

It’s available on Kindle Unlimited (sign up for a free trial), Kindle, and paperback. If you buy the paperback, you can currently get the Kindle book for free.

Hopefully the price and level at which the material is pitched will make this a great book to help you learn R or see if R is for you.

Here are some words from the beta-readers about the book:

  • Steph’s writing has a very lively and engaging style that is a pleasure to read. Working with R is an excellent introduction into an important part of learning Data Science. Read it and enjoy learning.
  • I wish this book had been available when I started learning R!
  • The fundamentals for R are well explained, made interesting and relevant. This book is worthwhile reference for the novice and provides a quick comprehensive review for people currently using R.