The goal of hubspot is to enable access to Hubspot CRM data.




deal_props = get_deal_properties("demo")
deals = get_deals("demo", properties = deal_props, max_iter = 1)

Developer notes

Welcome contributions

We welcome changes and contributions from new to R folks to experts. We’ll happilly mentor you through the process and you can join our Slack channel to interact with us.

In terms of the sorts of contributions that you can make, we love to see things like:

  • Raising Issues for suggestions and bugs
  • Helping Issue raisers produce minimum working examples or improve their descriptions of problems / new features
  • Writing or enhancing documentation like this README, the function documentation, or the vignettes
  • Improving tests by extending existing tests or writing new ones
  • Improving existing code to be more maintainable or faster
  • Fixing bugs
  • Adding new functionality or extending existing functions

Naming conventions

  • get_*() returns a raw response from an API endpoint
  • entity_aspects() returns a cleaned up table of the entity and some specific set of information from the raw response
  • utils-*.R files are used for any toolkit functions
  • Tidyverse naming conventions are generally adhered to

Submission checklist

  • When writing a view function, use a default get_ that is as minimal as possible to enable a reasonable return
  • Run devtools::document() to ensure all documentation is updated
  • Write tests to verify your work
  • If you add functionality, do substantial refactoring, extend documentation, or improve the test base, add your info to the DESCRIPTION file
  • Add a succinct description of the change to the file
  • There is a lintr commit hooks that tidy up R function code, make sure any amendments are committed too
  • When making a Pull Request, reference any issue you’re code fixes with #IssueNo in the body of the PR