A quick list of frameworks available for doing unit testing, based on what I covered in today’s SQL Lunch


Database projects

Purpose: unit testing database objects
Method: SQL / GUI
Site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj851200(v=vs.103).aspx
Cost: Free
Pros: Built-in, quite well documented
Cons: Requires Visual Studio 2010 Pro or above



Purpose: SSIS unit testing
Method: XML / GUI
Site: https://ssisunit.codeplex.com
Cost: Free
Pros: Unique
Cons: As of writing, only stable version was released in 2008


Purpose: unit testing of outputs/results
Method: XML / GUI
Site: http://biquality.codeplex.com/
Cost: Free
Pros: Well documented, comprehensive
Cons: No recent commits


Purpose: SSRS unit testing
Method: XML
Site: http://unittestssrs.codeplex.com/
Cost: Free
Pros: Unique
Cons: Documentation isn’t great, no recent commits



Purpose: database object unit testing
Method: SQL query execution
Site: http://tsqlt.org/
Cost: Free
Pros: SQL, extensive, great documentation, well supported, open source
Cons: No GUI

SQL Test

Purpose: database unit testing
Method: GUI / SQL
Site: http://www.red-gate.com/products/sql-development/sql-test/
Cost: £225 per user
Pros: GUI, uses tSQLt, has SQL Cop for testing some bad design practices
Cons: Costs money


Purpose: SSIS unit testing
Method: GUI / SQL
Site: http://pragmaticworks.com/Products/BI-xPress
Cost: ~£600 per user
Pros: GUI, extensive, lots of other features
Cons: Costs money

Database / BI related unit testing options
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