Finding the right data science direction for your organisation is tough. It’s easy to get it wrong, or for it to take longer than it should.

Locke Data is here to help your organisation assess its current position and determine the right data science direction going forward.

Get an objective view of how ready you are

A data science team and its associated work aren’t cheap. Trying to build the capability before putting in place the support structure will cause failed projects and wasted budgets.

Locke Data is offering an independent review of your organisation’s readiness and we’ll recommend next steps to help you save effort, time, and money.

We’ve embedded our decade of experience into our Data Science Readiness framework. We’ll use it to assess knowledge, skillsets, processes, and technologies to report back to you on how ready your organisation is for data science.

The Data Science Readiness Review will give you actionable insight into how ready you are. Together, we can build a roadmap to successfully incorporating data science activities into your organisation.

It’s not just about hiring a data scientist

Without the right support, your first hire is likely to fail. Nobody wants that so making sure you’re equipped before you take the plunge can help you and your future data scientists.

Inside our Data Science Readiness Review, we assess organisations on factors we think are important to your success:

  • Application development processes and capabilities
  • Data platform maturity
  • Use of data products within the business
  • Skillsets of existing business intelligence and other analytical teams
  • Analytical teams processes and capabilities
  • IT and analytical teams alignment to business goals
  • Recruitment, induction, and professional development processes
  • Legal, ethical, and regulatory considerations

What’s involved

We use a blend of interviews, surveys, skills tests, and documentation audits to assess your organisation. We then consolidate this information to report your readiness and will suggest actions for improving. We’ll then meet with you to discuss the report in-depth so you feel comfortable with your next steps.

A Data Science Readiness Review usually spans a week or two depending on people’s availability within your organisation.

To be effective, Locke Data will look to interview analytical staff and key stakeholders from the business. We will need access to documentation. Finally, some staff will need time to complete tests that feed into the skills assessment.


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