Our philosophy at Locke Data is “build internally”.

We believe that developing a data science function by pure acquisition, especially by hiring just a lone data scientist, results in poor outcomes for organisations. We believe that it’s important to leverage as much existing capability from within the organisation as possible.

For a data science function to be valuable, they need to do tasks valuable to the business.

For a data science function to do their job, they need good quality data.

For a data science function to make a difference, they have to be able to get their work into production.

For a data science function to be effective, they need the right tools.

Building up all of these things can take time. It takes people, processes, and tools to get it done. At Locke Data, we are focused on helping people through this.

We offer training for stakeholders, budding data scientists, and IT teams, to help everyone get to grips with the things they need to know and think about to be able to work more smoothly.

We can help you put in place the right tools and processes to make sure your new data science team delivers real value.

We can help you through your first projects to make sure that value gets achieved quickly.