Year 2 of Locke Data

Hey folks, I wanted to give y’all an update about Locke Data one year on from when I started it up.

In the past year, I’ve delivered more than 32 days of training, wrote and published 2 books, worked with 3 clients, and generally whimpered at my schedule. It has been amazing how much support the community has given me, and I’ve tried to give back where possible by giving away books each month, doing the usual presenting, holding free office hours, and offering community workshops.

Year 2 of Locke Data starts today and a load of work over the past few months reaches fruition to make this next year even more amazing.

  • Amy McDougall is helping me with the business and marketing sides. You’ll see Amy pop up in our marketing, GitHub, and more as I generally give her every task I can until she breaks.1
  • Ellen Talbot, R Ladies Liverpool organiser and PhD student, has been putting together the Learn R email course and will be building more stuff in future and will be starting to deliver some training!
  • Maëlle Salmon is coming on board from this week to do some whizzy R things. The second thing on the TODO list2 is getting the backlogs for my open source projects like datasauRus, HIBPwned, and pRojects cleared down so keep Maëlle in work by raising feedback, problems, and suggestions on the various packages.
  • I’m now a Microsoft Certified trainer which means I can deliver the official courses to help you attain the data science certifications that Microsoft offer. This is on top of my existing training options.
  • Andrew Collier and I are in the process of launching the Modern Analyst’s Toolkit training course.
  • I’m currently working on book 3 in my series of R Fundamentals books that’s about data visualisation in R.

This is just the beginning of the year with more collaborations in the works. I’m really excited by how much Locke Data is growing and making a difference. If you think there’s something we should be doing, or you’d like to see - get in touch!

  1. Which she shows no sign of so far - she’s amazing! [return]
  2. Keep an eye out on Twitter for the first thing [return]