Unified.Diff: source control smells & LaTeX

I had the pleasure of presenting at unified.diff, a general programming user group in Cardiff, last night and was able to debut my LaTeX show!

If you’d like to talk at the group about anything tech related tweet them on @unifiedDiff. They’re very flexible on time and topic so if you’re based in Cardiff or are coming down to see a client, it’s an easy way of delivering a talk and meeting some nice people.

Source control smells

This was an interesting talk by Gavin Davies (@GavD_UK).

I’ve been struggling with some of these recently so it was good to hear that I’m neither alone nor totally screwed up in how I’ve been using git this past year.

One of the things that came out of the talk, was that there’s no easy over-arching repo management tool that helps fix these. There are articles out there on how to do them but it’s inevitably a complex task – so if you’re looking for an open source project, consider the idea delivered!

The repo smells were:

  1. Feature Envy – checking out entire repo for one small module
  2. Too many eggs in one basket – bundled tools but non-related change cycles
  3. Permissions minefield – different permissions within a repo
  4. IP dispersal – many repos but heavily related
  5. High correlation in changes – related change cycles

Get more info on radify.io

The LaTeX show

My presentation on LaTeX can be consumed in a number of formats:

  1. Download the slides: Dropbox
  2. Clone the repo: https://www.overleaf.com/2552616xcdftt