Stepping down from SQL Relay

Some folks may already know, but I handed in my resignation from SQL Relay as sponsorship lead and Cardiff organiser.

Over my time in SQL Relay, I’ve helped deliver 30 conferences. I’ve attended about 15 of those! Being able to deliver so much learning to people all around the country has been an incredible experience and I’m tremendously proud of everything SQL Relay has achieved.

However, SQL Relay has become increasingly difficult for me to dedicate the time to. Over the years, I’ve added a lot of other commitments. I love being busy and helping the community but with the ~15hours a week I spend on Relay, I can be helping deliver other things.

It’s also a really good time to leave and let someone else do the work!

I wanted to be able to leave when new people could come in and grow, like I did. There’s now another crop of fantastic community members and leaders who can help Alex Whittles and co. deliver fresh awesomeness into SQL Relay if they choose to.

This isn’t to say I won’t still be involved in Relay next year. I’ll be supporting the nearest new event organiser, and whoever takes over from me as sponsor lead. I will still be cheerleading from the sidelines for it.

I look forward to seeing how SQL Relay continues to grow and change, and I’m looking forward to my own growth and change. Thank you everyone who has been involved with SQL Relay over the years, from organisers, to volunteers, to sponsors, to speakers, to attendees – it’s been a pleasure serving with and for y’all!