SQL Relay is here!

SQL Relay is back on tour! Our 6th event sees us yet again touring the country bringing awesome speakers to eight cities over 2 weeks.

As usual we’re improving things:

  1. A new platform called Attendee.Events which allows easier registration & speaker submission
  2. A whole bunch of webinars planned to get in the swing of things
  3. More breadth – this year each event includes a dedicated track to R, machine learning etc, on top of SQL Server and business intelligence
  4. More content – instead of swapping out existing slots for breadth, we added more tracks
  5. A green initiative … see it on the day
  6. Improved speaker experience – we’re building on last year’s fun bus with the help of SQL Sentry to make it easier and more fun for speakers to do multiple events, as well as offering first timers some mentoring as most of the organisers are also speakers

You’ll see a lot of announcements about Relay over the next few months, but I hope this little post inspires you to check out our events 😀