satRdays: final push

I talked back in November about the idea of an RSaturday, which were free community-driven conferences on R. Since then, we created a GitHub repository and started hammering out the details for satRdays. The current proposal consists of:

  1. A name: satRday
  2. A proposition: Free/cheap (<£30) conferences organised by user groups around the world. Attendees get more access to training in R, with a much lower cost-barrier. We develop more speakers on R. Organisers have less work to do and get to develop their R community.
  3. A platform: Using the Drupal COD system, we can use an open source solution and contribute back to it
  4. A proposal for the R consortium: A request for hosting plus support for the first three trial conferences

We’ll be submitting the proposal before the deadline (Jan 10th) but we need people to register their interest in being involved, whether that’s simply attending or going as far as organising one.

So folks, please register your interest and get others to do it too!