satRday location voting now open

satRdays, free R conferences, are a project being supported by the R Consortium. When Gergely and I submitted our proposal, we said we’d be supporting three conferences:

  1. Budapest, Hungary (Gergely’s home turf)
  2. Somewhere in the US
  3. Somewhere else in the world

We’ve had an overwhelming response with 40 submitted conferences but for the fully-funded ones, there can only be three. We are looking at how the runners up can do the next wave of events but we want to get the ball rolling on the first three.

We’ve had the submissions and deduplicated where there were multiple awesome volunteers in the same city or vicinity.

Now we hand it over to the R community to vote on where you’d like to see these conferences happen. Voting will close May 31st. Please help spread the word and encourage voting.