R training day mk2 – @SQLSatMcr

  • June 24, 2015
  • Steph
  • R

Back in April, for SQL Saturday Exeter I ran my first ever full day of training. Next month sees me taking my second tilt at it.

To sign up for my R training day, July 24th, in Manchester you can go to the pre-con homepage.

If I may say so myself, it’s a steal at £99 but then they all are! For instance, Andrew Fryer’s training day covers the Machine Learning use of R via Azure, so if you’re already wrangling numbers like a pro in R, understanding how you can apply it to snazzy webservices is a great way to go.

R training day mk1

Needless to say it was a steep learning curve for me.

I had a number of false start / procrastination projects that either took too long so had to be abandoned or were things I did to avoid working. One thing in particular that happened, is that even though I had allowed months for the development of the material, I still did not have enough time to do it as well as I’d have liked to. Parkinson’s Law anyone?

Despite all that, people were happy at the end of the day, I got useful feedback, and within 1 working day one of the attendees had built an R server, and was deploying a shiny application to it.

[Mike's first shiny app][3]
One of my attendee’s did this on the Monday!

A superb result, that I’m still giddy over.

R training day mk2

I’ve been cogitating about ways I can improve the day based on the feedback:

  • Homework: before the day folks will be expected to do all the installation needed (with tech support available via email of course)
  • Here’s one I made earlier: Have a configured Rstudio server that folks can connect to in the event they don’t do their homework or something goes wrong
  • Exercises: I was less structured than I could have been. I’ll be really beefing up this part
  • Show and tell: The whole point was to have something working by the end of the day. I’m going to focus on this more and ideally have people show their work
  • Cuts (maybe): The homework will give more time during the day but cutting some content is a good idea

So if you’d like to come along to a full day of training that has more Rs than the Kardashian’s, book now before all the spaces are gone!