Package support offer

The R community and the package ecosystem are awesome but it can be difficult to sustain your R packages when you only have so much free time. To make a stellar package you’ve got to keep on top of the issues, make great documentation, have that all important hex sticker, and generally have good quality code. This all takes time, time you don’t always have. We would like to help.

Once per month, we’ll select (from applicants) one package to setup for success. These packages will have general utility to a broad part of the community but could benefit from some decidated time to help give it the boost it needs to be more widely adopted.

For the selected packages we will then work with the package author to ensure:

  • The GitHub repo is setup well and go over all existing issues to make sure they’re well formed, tagged, and prioritised. (3 hours of Locke Data time)
  • The package implements best practices in terms of the code, tests, and documentation. (5 hours of Locke Data time)
  • The package is easy to market with a pkgdown site and a logo. (Up to a day of Locke Creatives time)
  • The package starts getting coverage by showcasing the package in our blog. (Up to 3 hours of Locke Data time)

In return you’ll list us as sponsors in the DESCRIPTION using the fnd tag and list our support on the README (and therefore the pkgdown). We’ll also tell folks we helped you.

If you think your package fits the bill (i.e. broadly applicable) and you could benefit from our support getting your package into shape then apply now.

PS We can also offer this service commercially, and provide CRAN submission and ongoing maintainence options too if you’re a company who just wants to get stuff live.