My life, my universe, my everything

Last year involved moving jobs to Mango as Principal Consultant, moving home, getting a dog, and Oz becoming the Purple Tadpole. That was on top of SQL Relay, copious presentations, and much travelling. By the end of the year I was pretty ill and exceedingly grumpy. Oz wasn’t having a huge amount of fun either between me never being home and him having to hold the fort in a massive way.

My life

With that backstory, I started looking out for a new job and came across a fantastic job as Lead Data Scientist for CensorNet. Less travel, more challenge and more money meant I jumped at the job. It’s been two weeks now and the perks like free caramel lattes on top of the promised and actual awesomeness of the role have been making me very happy indeed. As a result, I have some time for some open source contributions and blogging again.

My universe

In January, I unexpectedly became a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. This is a BIG DEAL for me and has meant I have access to some more opportunities to do community work. Chuck that into the mix with an upcoming big new project, presenting, running user groups, and things are looking busy. After overwhelming my perkiness through overdoing pretty much everything, I’ve made a conscious effort to cut back on what I say yes to but my community universe is staying a ginormous part of my life.

My everything

Oz came into BI because of his love of solving challenges but he’s always had a very artistic bent and has focused on making awesome looking reports. With more money coming in on my side, Oz has been able to take a BIG LEAP and is now no longer the Purple Tadpole. He’s going to be the official Funtime Coordinator making sure I stay sane whilst actively investing time in developing his digital art skills, game development etc. The featured pic is an example of his first practice pieces and I’m very impressed, and he’s even managed to get a Zazzle store going. He’ll occasionally put up some posts here but will no longer doing BI presentations, although he’ll still be coming along and helping or hanging out. He’ll eventually have a website where he’ll posting techy stuff from the art side.

So there you go, if you wondering what the heck has been going on – my life, my universe, and my everything