Ideas for (lightning) talks

I’m trying to encourage more lightning talks at my user groups, and I started by writing a plea to folks at my local R user group, caRdiff. In it I included some ideas for lightning talks, and of course, these can be used as the basis for long talks too. We had some fun batting this list around and expanding it in the Cardiff dev group. I thought it was worth sharing, and getting some more ideas from you!

  • A software recommendation
  • A software warning
  • A gotcha – something that tripped you up and, ideally, how you solved it
  • A horror story
  • A show and tell of something you’re proud of
  • A productivity tip
  • A discussion/debate
  • A tip on working with others
  • A brief overview of a topic
  • An “I’m hiring” not for all occasions this one!
  • An “I wish I knew X when I was learning Y”
  • A showcase of some useful resources e.g. blogs
  • A code smell
  • A topical news story