Ok, this post is about one of my latest crazy/harebrained/whacky ideas.

I’m fed up of having to carry my Galaxy Note 3 in my hand. I can’t stand handbags and most women’s clothing items don’t have pockets or the pockets are insufficient. Given how easy it is to build a website these days, I thought I’d become a sofa warrior for the campaign for pockets. I’ve made a site and aim to make it an open & technical backend.

Fun machine-learning type challenges I’ve thought of so far include:

  • identify complaints about lack of pockets twitter and RTing with a hashtag
  • deep learning systems that identify clothes with pockets and RT
  • building suggested content for the site
  • aggregating pocket related information from the internet
  • discovering retailers delivering high numbers of pockets
  • automated following systems

This is on top of cool web challenges (and further analysis) like A/B testing the site, building a community, mastering various social media systems, writing actual posts, automated editing, automated deployment, etc.

I’m sure there are more ideas of cool things we can do. Any such project will, of course, be open source, aimed at growing the knowledge and skills of contributors, and would make useful tools that can be used elsewhere.

So if you’d like to get involved in building some cool, pocket-related, techy projects, let me know!

(You can comment on this post, tweet me, send carrier pigeons, emails, or whatever else you want to use)