Gift ideas for the R lovers

Are you looking for gift ideas for the R addicts in your life or the next guest speaker at your user group? Here are a few ideas, in four categories! Not all of them feature our company, promised. ;-)

Learning and using R

Is your dear one just starting to learn R? You might help them by gifting them a book, or even a couple of them! We suggest the R fundamentals series by Locke Data’s Steph Locke, Volume 1, Working with R and Volume 2, Data Manipulation in R, both of them available as paperback and Kindle versions. Other useful books for R users of all levels include R books by O’Reilly.

If the R user in your life uses RStudio packages, they might appreciate using RStudio cheatsheets about data manipulation, dates and times, Keras, etc. The cheatsheets are available for free, and you could print and laminate a few of them as a gift!

Becoming a legit package developer

Is the person you want to surprise a package developer? How about increasing their confidence and joy in their package by gifting them a voucher for a hex logo creation by Locke Creatives? Oz Locke, who has designed the hex logos for RDogLadies, visdat and naniar, among others. Reach out to Oz on Twitter if you’d like to know more!

As a complement, you could then offer to print the created hex logos as stickers.

Decorating one’s office

Why not gift R art to hang on the walls? We like

  • Drawings by the very talented Allison Horst, that you could have print and have framed. She does not seem to have a shop yet, but you could contact her!

  • This nifty magrittr cross-stich found on Etsy!

Getting out of one’s office

Loving R does not mean working at one’s desk all the time.

  • The R community likes hex shaped things. You could gift a hex shaped baking tin, or other hex shaped objects, with material to personalize them, or you could personalize them yourself. E.g. see these gorgeous coasters!
  • Have you heard of the SatRday conferences? They’re community-lead, low-cost one day R conferences. You could buy a ticket to your dear one’s local satRday conference, or even make a trip out of it if the conference is not that local. Check out SatRdays calendar. There’s one planned in Paris on February the 23d!

That’s it! It might be a little bit late for the holidays depending on the ones you celebrate, but occasions to give presents will surely happen again soon! Please share your other gift ideas for R lovers in the comments!