Beware the Microsoft Edge as a PDF reader

Just a heads-up for people like me who’ve gotten a Windows 10 machine and have used Edge as a PDF reader. I was too lazy to install Adobe Reader and was instead using Edge as my default reader. This gave me a mini-heart attack when I received a proof for my super cool NFC-tag laptop stickers and the colour was wrong. WTF right, I mean we did send it as CMYK and all that jazz so it should be right, a printer wouldn’t screw that up, right?

I huffed and puffed, I checked with Pixie, I even looked at it on different monitors. It remained the wrong colour!

Eventually, I thought to open it in Chrome, and lo’ the right colour appeared.

It turns out the PDF rendering in Edge is not as faithful as one could wish for. So if you get the incorrect colours, check in different PDF readers before flying off the handle.