An experiment in self-promotion – Revive Old Posts

I’ve been writing (not enough) blog posts for a while now and have built up some neat stuff in the backlog if I may so myself. Alas, a lot of this doesn’t get seen because it’s not on the front page or in the top 5 blog posts. Sad that posts like my one on sixth normal form databases don’t get enough love, I’ve installed the WordPress plugin Revive Old Posts (ROP) to try countering this!

ROP allows you to set up rolling social media updates about old blog posts. I’m primarily interested in Twitter but it also does LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, and more. It’s very configurable, even on the free version.

I’ve set it up to tweet old posts from the past year. When I was setting it up, I found that I had a fair amount of time sensitive stuff in my backlog. I was putting in lots of things to Exclude. In the end, I decided to be sensible and bulk apply a tag to things I don’t want to be revived because they’re time sensitive.

ROP will tweet as me once every 6 hours, use some of my tags as hashtags for discoverability, and hopefully drive a little bit more traffic to older posts.

My shameless self-promotion might be grating, might be barely noticeable. Feedback on my Twitter feed and the blog is very welcome! Have you experimented with marketing your blog? Got any tips, advice, lessons learnt you can share with me? Please do so in the comments below 🙂