Tired of right-clicking on folders and going to properties to get the folder size?

It’s a nightmare when I’m trying to find out what’s clogging up my hard drive, particularly now that I have an SSD and can no longer be quite so lazy and sprawling with myriad files and downloads.  This is the case even after moving most contents to Dropbox and putting this on my slow 1Tb harddrive. It can get really tiresome to be running out of space and having to trawl through, right-clicking on different folders.  It was boring but it was how you did it, well now I am enlightened, and now I don’t have to pour my time down the drain.  

I googled, as I should have done years ago, and found WinDirStat which is a free bit of software which will scan a drive or folder and give you an interactive view of the files complete with whizzy treemap (although simple colours would have been preferable) that allows you to identify and handle the big space hogs.


windirstat result

windirstat result



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